Episode 3

Published on:

20th Jul 2020

Going for It- with Scott Parker, Serial Small Business Entrepreneur

Scott Parker is a serial Restaurateur, and has been credited with putting “the ‘life’ into Arlington night life’ – however he continues to grow his empire into other businesses tailored to the needs and wants of urbanites and young professionals.

His portfolio includes over a dozen brick and mortar businesses – including great restaurants and bars like Bronson Bierhall, Don Tito, Barley Mac, and Don Taco –  but other business lines including the Bearded Goat Barber, Playful Pack Dog Daycare & Boarding, and Bash Boxing. 

In this podcast, we cover how it all happened, with a look at the current state, and the road ahead.

  • The journey, drive, and sacrifice in order to transition from employee to entrepreneur
  • Weighing experience vs habits, traits and attitude when hiring for a team environment
  • How his initial struggle with getting started has helped him to serve as a mentor to others who want to follow a similar path
  • Deconstructing the fear factor to understand what “fear” means to them
  • Building a better brick and mortar business around a pre-established brand, business or person
  • The value of a strong team culture to build a strong brand
  • How COVID-19 has 2020 is all about survival – as well as the luck behind how brands are expanding or failing
  • The why behind Scott’s fitness routine, and how it has helped some to become top performers

Links discussed in Episode:

Tools of Titans, by Tim Ferriss 

Get in touch with Scott Parker:

Instagram with @ScottParker

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Jessica Du Bois is a consultant and advisor for employee benefits, working with dozens of companies in the D.C. region. Creating The NoVA Business Podcast became one of Jessica's goals after working with many of the incredible business leaders in Northern Virginia.

The podcast is a collection of stories that tell us the trials and successes that have formed the community around us. No gimmicks. No paid interviews. Just real-life storytelling of the friends and leaders that inspire you.

When Jessica isn't interviewing for the podcast or advising on benefits, you can find her coaching boxing classes or training for her next half marathon.

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As a corporate health care strategist, Derek has had the unique opportunity to partner with hundreds of leading and admired businesses across Northern Virginia. Given his role, he has been able to witness and support businesses during the best of times as well as the worst of times.

These stories are the fuel for the Northern Virginia Business Podcast - the only podcast focused exclusively on the founders, leaders, and heroes in our own backyard of Northern Virginia.

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